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Why you need a lawyer to handle debt collection agencies

Why you need a lawyer to handle debt collection agencies?


Being in debt can be immensely stressful, to add to it one has to cope with handling debt collection agencies. Debt collection can often be a source of embarrassment as well as perpetual fear. In spite of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the specific rules laid out to protect those who suffer debt harassment from debt collection agencies, the practice often continues much to the horror of those in debt.


Debt collection agencies are these days hired by most corporate and banks to collect their debt, without directly being involved in it themselves, as such many of their practices used to collect debt often remain questionable. In spite of the fact that debt harassment from debt collection agencies has been declared illegal and not tolerated by the Federal Trade Commission, there are many debt collection agencies that cross the line and harass a customer.


Debt collection agencies often use different techniques to collect debt, these include sending letters, making phone calls and making personal visits to people’s houses to ensure that they collect the money owed. Their staff is trained in using persuasive methods of collection.  It is interesting to note that many debt collection agencies operate on the understanding of being paid by the corporate, which employs them on a percentage sharing basis. A percentage of the amount collected from the debtor, goes to the debt collection agency, this makes their stakes at collection far higher and often also leads to using harassment for collection. Many debt collection agencies also offer tracing services to their clients, for debtors who cannot be traced.


Some part of the debt harassment from debt collection agencies is perhaps due to the fact that while the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits certain debt collector behavior and debt collectors employed by third party collection agencies from indulging in any form of debt collector harassment. The Act’s does not apply to collectors who have been hired by the original creditors.


But if you are reading this and have faced similar situations, there is hope yet. Do not despair! If you have had the experience of being harassed by debt collection agencies, you will be happy to know that one of the best ways of tackling debt harassment from debt collection agencies is by contacting an attorney.


If you are facing tough financial conditions because of the economic climate, and it has become difficult to repay your debt, you do not have to face debt harassment from debt collection agencies. Provided you have tried your best to repay the debt and have adequate proof of either your inability to repay or evidence that suggest that you have tried your best to repay, you should immediately contact a debt settlement attorney or a debt settlement firm, who will help you take action on this and effectively put an end to debt harassment from debt collection agencies.


You could even file a lawsuit through proper avenues seeking redressal for the harassment. Such lawsuit can be filed from where the consumer lives, or where the debtor has signed the contract with the creditor. A debt settlement attorney would also give you specific legal advice regarding debt harassment from debt collection agencies.


 What to do in case of debt harassment from debt collection agencies-


- As soon as you have received an abusive or harassing call from the debt collection agency, record the call and contact your attorney.

- Contact an attorney at the earliest, so that a strong case can be build to support your complaint.

- Collect as much documentation as possible to support your case.  Save all messages, letters, voicemails and any other form of communication from the collection agency.

- Carefully make detailed notes of all your conversations, with date and time of the call, reason for the call and the context of the call.


If your claim to harassment is true and can be proved your attorney can help you from all such harassment. This is of course not to say that people without intentions to repay money can get away with filing a law suit, but those who have genuine problems do have a solution with an attorney. An experienced debt settlement attorney can in fact take such concrete measures such as-


- Get you compensation for illegal harassment

- Negotiate on your behalf to lower or possibly even part of eliminate your debt in exceptional cases.

- Help you in removing the information from your credit report

- Seek damage for every violation from the collection agency

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