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Why using a Debt Settlement Law Firm makes more sense than a Debt Settlement Company

For some time now, the American economy has been hit by severe recession and the going has been bad for people who are riddled with debt and are stranded without jobs. This has led to worry, wide spread depression and thousands of people who have been stranded in severe debt. Large amounts of consumer debt and many other kinds of debt have made not only a serious impact of the financial health of the country but given rise to the rather difficult yet flourishing business of debt settlement.


The conditions and their repercussions

Indiscriminate purchasing and the loss of many jobs over the last couple of years has resulted in the economy going for a severe toss. It has not only landed thousands of people in debt but saddled them with never ending and forever mounting interest rates that are totally absurd, especially under the circumstances. People who are tensed and drained in such situations have often opted for debt settlement as a solution to their problems. There are two forms of debt settlement initiatives that you could opt for. There is a model which is setup using a lawyer, who also handles debt settlement to settle your finances and on the other hand are the standard services.


In case of confusion use the services of the former because that is what will be really able to help debtors to become debt free in the minimum amount of time. Shah Peerally your debt settlement attorney has been successfully doing exactly this to help people out of severely depressing situations and neck deep in debt.


Can a debt settlement company really solve your problem?

To put it very simply, a debt settlement company work as a middleman between you and your creditor. The recent spate of scams in the debt settlement business has led to every debtor becoming extremely skeptical about the relevance of hiring such a company. Which naturally gives rise to the question; can a debt settlement company really solve your problem?


The problem is that the answer to this question is not as easy. Statistics will show you that while there are numerous such cases where people have really benefitted there are an equal number of tricksters doing the rounds. For this you have to understand how the situation actually is. The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 now makes it extremely difficult for those in severe debt to file bankruptcy. Because of the fact that bankruptcy had always been a last resort for debtors, this becoming a remote possibility means that debt settlement is definitely a very good second option, especially for those who have multiple accounts and multiple creditors that you need to negotiate. In such cases for a fee the debt settlement company handles the entire debt as a single project which in any case may be just too big for you to tackle on your own. The plus points is of course there are several successful companies which have not only saved you from lawsuits, creditor harassment but also got you off the hook for a percentage of your debt sometimes as big as 50%.


Choose a law firm that can handle your debt with extreme care and expertise. This will protect you from added hassles and take proper care of your finances too. Call the Shah Peerally firm for further queries on how they can help you out.