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To whom it may concern


I went to see Shah Peerally when a lien was placed after judgment on my property. Although, it was past judgment point, Shah Peerally did not charge me any advance fees. In fact, he told me that he will try to reduce the amount awed and remove the lien.


Only on emonth later, Shah Peerally’s office called me. They have received a release from the opposing counsel and I only had to record the release at the County Recorder’s office. The amount I owed was also reduced and I was forgiven 60% of what t owed to the opposing party.


Shah is very honest and has a lot of integrity. I went to him after excellent referrals from my friends and I am very happy to say that they were right. He is very professional attorney and an even better human being.


Thank you for all your help.


Kind Regards,



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