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To whom it may concern


Shah Peerally Law group was the best negotiator we had ever hired to help settle our mortgage and credit card debts. In the past three years, my husband and I had tried very possible resource to get second loan modified or reduced by the bank but failed every time. We became frustrated and hopeless, thinking that we would eventually lose our home because my husband had lost his business that he was in for 15 years and we could not afford the mortgage payments anymore. But God has another door for us by helping us find Shah Peerally law group. The staff there was very experienced, professional, approachable, empathetic and responsive. They understood our pains frustrations and sufferings and encouraged us every time when we lost hope in the debt settlement process. They are not fee- driven attorney like most typical lawyers do because they never pushes or rushed us to make a decision on an offer that’s not the best for us and rather advised us to wait so they can try different techniques and strategies to achieve a better offer.


The first debt  settlement on our Milpitas home went successfully and it only took them less than three months to get the lender  reduce the outstanding debt from $250,000 to $40,000 almost 90% reduction on the outstanding balance. Not only that, they also settled my parent’s second loan on their SFO home and got settlement and now they are able to refinance their first loan form 6% APR to 3.25% APR and have their monthly payment reduced by nearly half. Without wiping out the second loan, they would have never been able to do that because their retirement income will not qualify them to refinance both loans. Apart from these, Shah Peerally Law Group also helped settle my husband’s credit card debt judgment with citi bank, 50% reduction of the principle and interest.


After three years mortgage and credit card debt settlement experiences with Shah Peerally Law Group, We can proudly say that they truly are the best debt reduction attorney in the bay area and you will never regret hiring them for your debt settlement case.


Words will not enable us to express how grateful and delightful we fell about this law group and how they had helped improve our substantially.


Best Regards,

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