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To whom it may concern


Re Shah Peerally


  1. Pay only if settles: I have had great experience with Shah Peerally firm in setting my home equity loan and credit card loans. Best thing was that I did not have to pay even a penny upfront, everything was handled once the account was settled. Before settling the account, I was asked if the offer was acceptable or not. This shows the honesty to the clients.
  2. Honesty: I have found the members of Shah Peerally firm to be very honest. I was told and documented everything very clearly upfront. Throughout the process nothing was changed even team had to spend longer hours in my case.
  3. Courteous: Staff has been very courteous and professional. Whenever I had questions, trust me I had lots of questions, staff always had professional behavior and kept me in loop with all the communications with creditors.
  4. Proficient: Besides being courteous and honest team is very proficient. They knew how to deal with creditors and advised me many time in situations. Where I became impatient and wanted to get over things but their experienced advices saved me money and got my job done.

I would highly recommend Shah Peerally firm to get things handled professionally and to have a peace of mind.





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