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Many people who are struggling with staggering debts want to avoid bankruptcy and need to find an appropriate legal solution and bankruptcy alternative. Society still places a social stigma when one enters the bankruptcy process. However, if you are not careful, attempts to settle your debts without the benefit of counsel of a legal Debt Negotiation professional can leave you in even worse financial shape than you might have been in before. It is a fact, that banks hire lawyers and law firm to collect their debts. If you are not ready or are not represented by counsel, you might be end up with not a good settlement or the financial institution taking advantage of you. Negotiating debts is an art. Our law firm has successfully negotiated many unsecured debts, check our success stories or call us on 510 742 5887 for more information on the matter.

Renegotiating debts without the assistance of a qualified California debt negotiation attorney can be a risky endeavor. The possible downsides range from simply being unsuccessful to becoming the victim of a scam. For important legal and financial advice about debt negotiation, call Shah Peerally Attorney At Law at 1-510-742-5887.

How a Bay Area Debt Negotiation Lawyer can Help

People try many ways to settle their debts without legal assistance. You may be thinking about calling a credit management service, or calling your creditors directly to negotiate a repayment plan. You may have heard that some creditors will settle for a partial repayment if that is the most you can pay.

All of these methods can be useful in certain circumstances. However, attempting to do any of them without the assistance of an experienced California Debt Negotiation Attorney is simply not in your best interest. A California debt negotiation attorney can help you by providing:

  • Important information about credit card fraud. Many so-called credit counselors or debt consolidation companies are only out for your money, not to benefit you.
  • Being your legal advocate. Most creditors are far more likely to provide you with a beneficial if represented by an experienced Debt Negotiation Lawyer rather than an individual arguing on his or her own behalf.
  • Negotiating skill brought to the bargaining table… Even if creditors agree to negotiate with you, they are naturally going to offer arrangements that are best for them. An experienced California Debt Negotiation Attorney can help you secure the best possible outcome for your particular financial circumstances.

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