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Statistics show that over one and a half million Americans file for bankruptcy every year and the case isn’t far too different for small and big business houses. In such cases, people usually panic and don’t know what to do. This situation is taken advantage of by loan sharks and people are reduced to pitiable conditions by their fear and insecurities. We at Shah Peerally’s Law firm don’t want to see that happening to any of our clients or even the common public, in most such situations we advice our client to reach out to us for ‘Debt settlement’. Many people do not know that debt settlement is an amicable process that can be of great help to both business houses and individuals who are steeped in debt.

Run by Shah Peerally, our Law Firm believes that Debt Reduction is the best alternative to filing and avoiding bankruptcy. Our debt settlement wing is led by Shah Peerally, the founder and managing attorney of Shah Peerally Law Group PC. Shah Peerally and his team, through their firm provide clients with numerous options for debt settlement by negotiation, elimination & management programs. This helps you as a client with the Shah Peerally group to reduce & eliminate all kinds of debt, whether it is related to credit card or otherwise.

As a reliable law firm we understand the difficulty of a client in even taking the first step towards debt settlement and to talk to anyone about it. But our credentials and genuine concern for helping people with problems make us a law firm with a difference. We are people whom you can trust, because even before you divulge any of your private information, we are ready to talk to you and assure you of what is possible for you in a situation such as yours.

In such a situation where you have creditors harassing you and calling you up every now and then for money, try us out and give us a call. Under the circumstances you may be considering the omnipresent credit repair or credit counseling services. But how do you know who has your best interests in mind and why? This is where we at Shah Peerally Attorney At Law, along with our California Debt Settlement Attorneys take pride in working with people like you who need legal counsel. People come to us with different financial issues, such as Debt Negotiation, Garnishment, Settlements, and loan deficiencies, and in each case we have tried our best to help them out with our legal expertise and genuine care. Some of our success stories are mostly those with very satisfied clients!

At Shah Peerally Law group we understand that that people facing credit difficulties and seeking debt settlement are not “bad people,” just people who have been experiencing unexpected circumstances due to unavoidable problems such as unemployment, divorce, or health issues-all of which might lead to depletion of your finances. So whether you are an individual, family or small business and if you have questions or legal queries that involve credit card settlement, debt settlement or are even in need of debt negotiation or suggestions to other bankruptcy alternatives, contact us personally at 1-510-742-5887

Remember! The sooner you act, the better it is for you and the more we can help you. Call Shah Peerally Attorney At Law, and we’ll get you back on track to your financial independence

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